Full Album Stream: Mutilation Barbecue – “Amalgamations of Gore”

Are you feeling hungry? I hope so, because you’ll need a strong stomach to eat from the Amalgamations of Gore on display on Ohio death metal butchers Mutilation Barbecue‘s first full-length album. Formed after the demise of Ohio death-thrashers Subtype Zero, Mutilation Barbecue released their first demo in 2021 before catching the eye of hype death metal label Maggot Stomp, who reissued it in 2022.

After releasing the Abortion Ambulance EP in 2022, Mutilation Barbecue got to work on Amalgamations of Gore, which you can stream in all its gory glory below. Like the band and album names suggest, Mutilation Barbecue keep things simple, dirty and brutal. The quintet play very groovy brutal death metal, taking cues from the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Skinless and Suffocation, plus Ohio staples like Sanguisugabogg, Mutilatred and 200 Stab Wounds.

All nine songs on Amalgamations of Gore have a weight behind them, thanks in part to Mutilation Barbecue’s ear for simple, headbangable riffs and in part to the mix and master by Will Killingsworth (Fugitive, Magrudergrind). Tracks like “Xenomorphic Organ Rearrangement” and “Trampled Under 18 Wheels” inspire a mental picture of cartoonish levels of gore and violence, which is the highest praise one can assign to a brutal death metal band.

In addition to a full album stream, Decibel chopped it up with drummer Harrison Good to get some extra details on Amalgamations of Gore. Check it out below and score a copy via Maggot Stomp.

What is a Mutilation Barbecue? Are you barbecuing mutilated flesh or are you mutilating barbecued meat?
We are definitely barbecuing the mutilated. The name of the band actually comes from the song off of the self titled EP. We had just written the EP and had no clue what to name the band so I just said, “Fuck it, let’s just call the band Mutilation Barbecue.”

Both Mutilation Barbecue and 200 Stab Wounds ended up forming from Ohio death-thrashers Subtype Zero. Was the band just tired of playing that genre of music and decided to move in two different, both brutal, directions?
We’re definitely not tired of playing a different genre. At the time I was only 15/16 years old and after a while it became hard for me to skip school to play shows. After I left, Nick and I pretty much started Mutilation Barbecue.

Mutilation Barbecue is now a quartet, with Dylan Andras moving to guitar and new bassist Larry Johnson joining up. How did this affect the way you approached writing and recording?
Amalgamations of Gore was written as a five-piece with Nick McGroder bringing riffs to the table and going back and forth composing with me. Thus far, writing new material as a quartet gives us a more funkier feel and opens a lot more passages of musicianship. Very excited to see where it will go!

What are your influences? A lot of this record sounds pretty old-school brutal death metal.
We have so many influences on this record. Clearly we all love Cannibal Corpse, but other bands such as Suffocation, Defeated Sanity and Death have put a huge impact on the record. However, without a doubt in this world, the Ohio death metal scene is our biggestinfluence.

Amalgamations of Gore is your first full-length album. Are you already thinking about your next release or is the focus on something else right now?
Currently all we wanna do is tour. We have been writing for our next release but really wanna hop on a sick tour package and  bring Mutilation Barbecue over the U.S. and hopefully expand outwards!

Photo: Ed Battes