Full Album Stream: Shadohm – “Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment”

Photo: Aleksandra Majak

Though Polish metal outfit Shadohm are a new band, Decibel readers are likely familiar with the band members’ other projects; three of the members play in the Napalm Records version of Batushka, and drummer Paweł Jaroszewicz drums in or has drummed for Antigama, Vader, Hate and Decapitated. On their debut album, Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment, Shadohm gravitate toward a groovier—almost djent—sound.

The album is mostly focused on grooves and chugs, with Meshuggah as an obvious major influence on Shadohm. The band also cites Gojira, Architects, Lorna Shore and Katatonia as major influences on Through Darkness. The first three are immediately clear, with the latter being most noticeable in the quieter moments of songs like track.four, “Fair Weather Friend.”

Influence from the modern djent and deathcore scene can be heard on “Ripped Apart” but there’s enough melody and attention to songwriting that Shadohm avoid the pitfall of becoming too generic or soft. Shadohm are at their best on closing track “Towards Enlightenment,” which gives off “if Tool played groove metal” vibes.

“When I first attempted composing anything,” Jaroszewicz explains about the album, “I didn’t really have a clear picture of what it would become, and if anything at all. To see where we are now—just a few days before the premiere and with a solid lineup makes me proud but also focused even more than before to push it forward. This album is a completely new path for me and I’m really curious where this will lead. I hope you’ll enjoy this piece of music as much as we did creating it.”

Check it out below and score a copy through Selfmadegod.