HOUKAGO GRIND TIME Schools the Decibel Flexi Series! Secure an EXCLUSIVE EP Now!

Bay Area goregrinder Houkago Grind Time is a lesson in brutal efficiency. The passion project of Ripped to Shreds’ main man Andrew Lee, the anime-themed gore grind unit has been on a tear with international tours (including a scheduled debut Philadelphia appearance at the Metal & Beer Pre-Fest on April 11), two full lengths and an entire harem of splits and EPs. Now, with the power of love, the Decibel Flexi Series and Mudrian-sama, the latest addition to that epic saga, The Houkago Derek Time EP, is exclusively available to Decibel subscribers. Packed with five songs of magical mincegore, you may not know what the fuck a Goku is, but you’ll know that these riffs are anything  but moe. School’s out on this offer come Monday, March 4 at noon ET, so sign up for a deluxe Decibel subscription before then if you want your sweaty palms on this extremely limited release. Tune in and find out if Albert ever figures out what an “onii-chan” is.