Full Album Stream: Blazar – “Fatal Cosmic Wound”

Photo: Pua Castellano Rodriguez

Prepare to slow down: Iberian funeral doom pushers Blazar are here with Fatal Cosmic Wound, Their first full-length release since forming more than seven years ago, Fatal Cosmic Wound builds on the slow, atmospheric style of doom the quartet established on their debut EP and following splits.

Fatal Cosmic Wound contains four main tracks, as well as three others that serve as an introduction, interlude and outro. Thematically focused on the vast, indifferent nature of space, their sparse, atmosphere-heavy songwriting matches the same feeling of cosmic loneliness. Every song on Fatal Cosmic Wound is heavy on the melancholy vibes; if “My Dying Bride but slower” is an appealing pitch, do yourself a favor and check out this full stream of Blazar’s full-length debut right now.

You can grab a digital copy on Bandcamp or get a physical through the Carbonized Records store.