Blast Worship: AK//47

Where they from?
Oakland by way of Indonesia. The Super Bowl was this past weekend. I put $50 on Kansas City, took the over and I lost by ONE GOD DAMN POINT! There is no greater sign that god hates you then losing a parlay by a single point. Everything is rigged, everything is canceled.

Why the hype?
What a nice little surprise we have here. Although I had been aware of this band’s existence for a while, I didn’t become fully invested until I came across their latest album. Based off their name I was sort of anticipating a boring stew of derivative crust but was pleasantly surprised to hear some truly beautiful and melodic art grind in line with bands like Gridlink and Chepang. Seriously, there are some absolutely shimmering and poetic moments here that would make Takafumi Matsubaru proud.

Latest Release?
Menari Dalam Abu Algoritma out on Enemy of the Goat Records. Bold statement here: I think this shit is even more melodic than Gridlink. I mean just listen to the opening of “Budak Algoritma” or album closer “Alam Marah Besar.” It sounds like a Sega Genesis video game soundtrack for god’s sake! What they’ve accomplished here is masterful and though it’s early, this is already a strong contender for my personal album of the year.