Video Premiere: Sandrider – “Aviary”

Photo by John Malley

After Sandrider unloaded one hundred metric tons of rock last year with the Enveletration LP – an album loud enough to hear from low orbit – many assumed the Seattle trio had completely emptied their musical coffers, and we’d be forced to wait years until they were refilled.

But those sneaky fuckers managed to record a couple extra songs during the Enveletration sessions and Alternative Tentacles released them as a double-barreled 7″. One of those songs, “Aviary,” has now been given the video treatment.

The video, made by the band, spotlights two of their greatest strengths: ear-busting live shows and a love of animation that looks like hastily-created Flash cartoons from 2002.

This approach clearly impressed Alternative Tentacles, but there is a history with the legendary label co-founded and owned by Jello Biafra: Akimbo, the former band of vocalist/guitarist Jon Wiesnewski and drummer Nat Damm, released three of the albums from their spectacular discography on the label, and this marks a continuation of that relationship and everyone’s shared ethos.

“I’m so excited to work with Alternative Tentacles again,” says Wiesnewski, who’s also responsible for the art in the video. “I have so much appreciation for Jello and the label finding and investing in artists that continually push expectations. They’re often unsafe, in that they champion artists over mainstream commercial appeal, and at the same time that consistency has built a fucking amazing legacy. Sandrider is just so humbled and appreciative that they would extend the offer to us. We’re over the moon about it.”

The splatter vinyl has already sold out, but if you want to pick up the 7” in black, or in the modern digital format, head over to Alternative Tentacles. Check out the video for “Aviary” below.