Track Premiere: Altar of Betelgeuze – “Conclusion”

Altar Of Betelgeuze

Formed in Helsinki in 2010, Finnish death/doom trio Altar of Betelgeuze released their first EP At the Shrine of Light in 2012. That three-song EP clocked in at 34 minutes in length, blending funeral doom’s menace with stoned Sabbath riffs. Over time their compositions became leaner and meaner, culminating in their second LP Among the Ruins, released by Transcending Obscurity in 2017. Seven years have passed since new music from Altar, but today that drought ends. Decibel Magazine is thrilled to share the first single from their upcoming record Echoes, scheduled for release on March 22nd.

“Conclusion” begins with a riff that evokes triumph and melancholy. Altar of Betelgeuze patiently adds layers with Aleksi Olkkola’s punchy drums, and a siege of distortion from guitarist Juho Kareoja. But the song truly lunges into battle when Matias Nastolin first roars from the abyss. Armed with his emotive growl and the song’s shadowy melodies, the track transforms into a hypnotic dirge. While this single doesn’t incorporate the occasional clean vocals that surface throughout Echoes, it still hints at the band’s epic Candle-massive doom edge. The band’s fresh blend of old school influences will appeal to fans of early Paradise Lost, Chapel of Disease, and Bathory’s Hammerheart.

“It has been close to seven years since our second album Among the Ruins came out,” the band shares in a comment. “Working on new material hasn’t been an easy task, but finally everything is ready to go! Our third full-length Echoes offers seven songs of doom in the Altar of Betelgeuze style. You can expect a crushing mix of death and traditional doom metal, along with other elements. The first single “Conclusion” is one of the more atmospheric and epic tracks on the upcoming album. We think the heavy verses and instrumental passages give a good impression what to expect from Echoes. Crank it up!”

Summon death, doom, and demons by pressing play below.

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