Full Demo Stream: Purulency – “Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions”

Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions, the demo from Tennessee newcomers Purulency, is pure fucking death metal. Out this Friday, January 26 on Caligari Records, Transcendent Unveiling contains four songs of pure death metal worship inspired by the likes of Demilich, Grave, Abhorrence, Autopsy and Convulse.

Thematically, the songs on Transcendent Unveiling explore Lovecraftian themes and alien worlds. The songs have been under construction in some form since late 2018, when guitarist Neal Williams and drummer Alex Depew first began working together under the Purulency banner. The rest of the lineup filled out in 2022, bringing them to the incarnation you hear on the demo. There’s something for most death metal fans here, from doomy overtones to more high-speed, technical offerings  on some tracks.

You can listen to the demo in full below via the Soundcloud embed; you can purchase it via Bandcamp.