Full Album Stream: Cancer Christ – “God is Violence”

New year, new me? Nah, I still love death metal and God, which is convenient because Decibel has an exclusive stream of the new Cancer Christ album God is Violence to blast away your hangover. A tongue-in-cheek band with a live show that emphasizes spectacle as much as death metal, Cancer Christ quickly carved out a name for themselves in the filthy Los Angeles underground they call home, winning over audiences with buckets of blood, no-ring professional wrestling and a fucking flamethrower.

God is Violence is a mix of shit-flinging punk, weirdo grindcore and whatever Glen Benton would be doing if he knew how to use Instagram, with song titles like “Baptized in Piss and Shit,” “God Hates Cops” and “Jesus Got A Big Ol’ Cock,” plus the five-part epic “Hail Christ.” It’s a little sloppy and a lot deranged, so crack a beer, press play and get ready to welcome your savior.

“The beginning of the end has begun!” Cancer Christ decree. “God is Violence and this world is fucked. ALL COPS BURN IN HELL”

God is Violence drops on Friday and is available to pre-order (vinyl in March) via Seeing Red.