Track Premiere: Exiled Hope – “Over For You”

Exiled Hope cover art

By day, Sofia Frasz is a film composer and music/entertainment attorney in training. After nightfall, Sofia is the multi-instrumentalist founder of Exiled Hope. Formed in 2019, Exiled Hope is a solo project set in a fictional world of dark fantasy. Pulling inspiration from symphonic metal and power metal, the result is operatic and rife with raw emotion. Today, Decibel Magazine shares the project’s new single “Over For You.” It’s a glimpse into Sofia’s next chapter for the band, a new album called Apocrypha due out in late 2024.

The song’s opening moments convey dark drama and emotions heavier than riffs. But as the piano leads the listener deeper into the song’s moonlit forest, the metallic components erupt. The deeper into the song we venture, the more Sofia’s lushly layered voice cedes the spotlight to shredding solos and growls. Exiled Hope explore a plethora of ideas in 260 seconds, navigating influences from Nightwish, Kamelot, and Cradle of Filth. But “Over For You” remains focused on Sofia’s diverse skillset while unfolding the narrative and fortifying the track’s themes.

“At this point in the story, the few remaining positive influences in the character’s life are trying to persuade him that his humanity is worth reclaiming, even though he thinks he’s beyond saving. More broadly, the song is about recognizing that as long as you keep fighting, you’re already winning. Life circumstances and other people might try to control you and how you view your situation, but the final decision is in your hands and it’s not over until you say it is.”

Press play to summon dusk and embrace the new Exiled Hope single below.

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Exiled Hope - Sofia Frasz