Blast Worship: Nak’ay

Where they from?
Fort Wayne, Indiana. Baseball people on Twitter are freaking out because Shohei Ohtani signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for a gazillion, billion, fafillion dollars. So? What’s the big fucking deal? This is America, we throw billions of dollars at things we like. That’s why everyone on The Masked Singer gets a royalty check that would make Oprah blush and gorenoise bands from Oakland have to fight over who gets the last can of SpaghettiOs. IT’S THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS!

Why the hype?
I know as the world’s leading online grindviolence journalist, this might sound a little redundant, but goddamn, does this drummer plays FAST! I mean we are talking like war netal velocity but with actual consistency and none of the corny spikey gauntlet shit (unless you’re into that thing). The rest of the band is pretty snazzy, too, with guitar-work that slithers and scrapes its way across your eardrums and vocals that sound like someone regurgitating a McDonald’s happy meal. Any fans of blazing fast grindcore with an actual old school-death metal feel need to take this train to hell immediately.

Latest Release?
Siezed EP, self-released. I’ve seen this band’s name spelled many different ways on various corners of the internet: Nak’ay, Na’kay, Toad The Wet Sprocket, etc. And I’m here for it. Fuck spelling and fuck the rigidity of language. This band and their torrential rains of blastbeats belong to the people and we will spell it any way we want. Live long and prosper.