David Obuchowski (Goes Cube, Publicist UK) Releases Single “Flicker” from Solo Project Bitter Cold

David Obuchowski, founding member, guitarist and singer of Goes Cube (The End Records, Coextinction Recordings, Old Flame Records) and Publicist UK (Relapse Records) is embarking on a new eclectic and emotional solo project, Bitter Cold, through his recently launched Moth Hospital Records, nearing the release of its debut album Mirrors.

Decibel is proud to release the latest single from Bitter Cold, “Flicker.”

“Bitter Cold did not start out with any sort of plan. It was an experiment and an outlet. I wanted to try making music on my own because it’s been nearly nine years since the release of the first and so far only Publicist UK album, Forgive Yourself,” Oburchowski shared of the project.

“The last few years have been a bit of a struggle on a personal level. So at some point, I decided that rather than bothering my various bandmates to record their parts or whatever, I ought to just have my own thing. Then I could record whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

“Lyrically, I decided to be honest to a brutal point. For instance, my wife’s always been a fan of my various bands, but I think it’s tough for her to hear some of these words. I just felt like I needed to write how I was feeling in the most honest way possible, even if those things are upsetting. 

“It was a little scary at first to write so directly about these things, but then I found it to be really comforting. You admit to yourself that you’ve been thinking or feeling certain things, and it either frees you of them, or it allows you to drag them into the light instead of trying to force it all down. So it’s really helped me in a way. Consequently, the record is a lot about depression, doubts, regrets, fears, hopelessness, and also, ironically, hope.”