Album Premiere: Pyrolatrous – ‘Inveterate’

Photo by Sean Bryant

USBM force Pyrolatrous are back with a new album, Inveterate, out November 10 via Gilead Media. The band features members of Hull, Krallice, Anicon, Woe, and more and this new record is more melodic, blackened and expansive metal from the project.

Vocalist Nicholas Palmirotto says, “The content deals with death, grief, addiction, loss of love, an influx of right-wing nationalism throughout the world, living in a capitalist hellscape, and oppressive government regimes.”

This record is the band’s first album as a four-piece, whereas before the band consisted just of Palmirotto and drummer Lev Weinstein. Now, the band has added guitarist Nolan Voss and bassist Joe Merolla. This record is heavy, powerful, and truly captures the pain and despair of the modern age.

“At long last,” Palmirotto says, “I am finally able to announce the release of our new album, Inveterate. We worked extremely hard on it; then the pandemic hit, and we thought it might never see the light of day. I wrote these songs when I was going through a very hard time with the loss of my grandparents, my 20-year-old cat, and one of my dearest friends to a drug overdose. These songs are very emotional for me, and I hope we were able to convey what I was feeling at the time. I am honored to call Lev, Joe, and Nolan my bandmates, and even more so, my brothers.”

Get the album in the U.S. through Gilead Media here and in Europe via 7 Degrees here.