Rottenness Keep on Rotting and Rocking with More Releases, Free Goodies and Tour News

The “tipos” of Mexi-merican brutal death/grind veterans Rottenness don’t know how to sit still. Infamous for giving the world these charming album covers from back in the day and formerly being powered by the spoils of Latin pop singer Ricky Martin’s labour,  the band continues to fire on all cylinders by adding more activity to an already active post-COVID pile.

First box to be ticked is another release. This time it’s Rotting Plasmatic Domain, a split with Japan-erican death squad Seeping Protoplasm just in time for the pair of bands to terrorize the Far East together later this month. A stream of said release can be found below amid all the other shiny new goodies emerging from the Rottenness camp. These include an official promo video of the band covering Anthrax’s “I Am the Law” (sourced from three festivals this past summer: Obscene Extreme, Metalgate Czech Deathfest and the infamous Garaze Pod in Bratislava, Slovakia) and a free full length album and video of the band entitled Live Rot in the Czech Republic. Both of which are available to be streamed/viewed below as well. To top it all off is a four country, 18-date tour that began yesterday in Mexico and ends later this month in Japan.

From the horse’s mouth: “ Rottenness joins forces with Seeping Protoplasm (Japan) to deliver a wicked concoction of old-school brutal death metal in support of their upcoming November 2023 tour of Mexico, USA, South Korea and Japan. Rotting Plasmatic Domain spans seven songs and multiple continents, as Obliteration Records (Japan) and Headsplit Records (USA) combine forces to bring fans a limited run of CDs and tapes for this release. The long-staying Mexican-American grinders have had an extremely busy year after the release of their 2022 LP Violentopia, booking tours throughout the USA, South America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. As 2023 draws to a close, Rottenness will have played in 17 countries and have worked their collective culos off to bring a rough, rowdy and refined live show to as many stages as possible across the world. The band has also released a slew of other freebies on the fateful date of 11/2/23: a brand-new exclusive music video covering ‘I Am the Law’ by thrash legends Anthrax, as well as a FREE live LP and video, Live Rot in the Czech Republic. Rottenness would like to say ‘salud y muchas gracias a todos en todo el mundo…’ Thank you everyone for everything and giving us your continued support throughout the years. We hope to see you all on our upcoming tour! Chao, y nos vemos pronto!!”

ROTTENNESS 2023 Tour Dates

11/1 – Ensenada, B.C., Mexico – Black Dog

11/2 – Tempe, AZ – The Beast*

11/3 – Kingman, AZ – Blackbridge Brewery*

11/4 – Las Vegas, Nv – DIY Spot*

11/5 – Long beach, CA – Supply & Demand*

11/6 – San Diego, Ca – Brick x Brick*

11/10 – Daegu, South Korea – Club Heavy**

11/11 – Busan, South Korea – Club Realize**

11/12 – Seoul, South Korea – Club Victim**

11/15 – Gifu, Japan – KING BISCUIT

11/16 – Shiga, Japan – BENIHANA HIKONE

11/17 – Kyoto, Japan – SOCRATES

11/18 – Osaka, Japan – HOKAGE***

11/19 – Nagoya, Japan – HUCK FINN***

11/21 – Yokohama, Japan – EL PUENTE

11/22 – Tokyo, Japan – BUSH BASH

11/23 – Tokyo, Japan – GOLD SOUNDS***


**w/Excused Duty

***Seeping Protoplasm

Headsplit Records