Video Premiere: The Monarch – “When Death Finds You”

The Monarch
photo credit: Alex Zarek

Just in time for Halloween, we present the appropriately titled “When Death Finds You” video from The Monarch.

The song is from their forthcoming album, A Moment to Lose Your Breath, out November 17 via Art is War Records. Featuring former members of Soulfly and current members of Ill Niño, Static-X, and Soulfly, the new song is heavy, proggy, melodic, with just enough classic influence to still be grounded in the very roots of metal. And fittingly for this holiday, this song is told from the perspective of death itself.

“This is a perspective of death… from death’s perspective if death were really a figure,” the band explain. “Death knows all and is the only one true certain fact of life. All of us, no matter how good, bad, rich, poor… will all face death eventually. The element of fate is already deep inside of all of us. Death lives inside every living breathing being. It’s just a matter of how you live your life and how you choose to welcome death that determines when the element of fate will manifest itself.

“We shouldn’t fear death. Otherwise, life is just a waste, as death is certain and final. In the video, ‘Death’ is portrayed by the beauty. She is strong and all-knowing. ‘The innocent’ meets and is welcomed into the arms of death. The current ‘element of fate’ has served her time on the black horizon, and now it is time to name a successor. This being of ‘Death’ crowns ‘The Monarch’ and is given her final task… a ride to the end with wide open arms. ‘The Monarch’ now helms life’s process. It’s all a metaphor, and it’s your job as the listener to make it your own.”

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