Video Premiere: Rank and Vile – “Destitution”

Portland deathgrind practitioners Rank and Vile will unleash their punishing second full-length, Worship, on November 17th via Modern Grievance Records.

After a four-year term since their debut album Redistribution of Flesh, the band elected to seek the recording council of Hallowed Halls (Poison Idea, Pallbearer) and Leon del Muerte of Beastman Audio (ex-Nails, Terrorizer AD) to draft a twelve-song bill of piss and vinegar titled Worship. As if powered by chainsaws, Worship cuts through any political red tape to inspire frenzied rage in the general public and pearl-clutching fear in the outnumbered oppressors.

Decibel proudly drops their latest video, “Destitution.”

“The houselessness crisis is the result of a systemic issue that is unlikely to be solved in a system that only rewards profit. It causes suffering to so many and instills a casual disregard of that suffering in so many others,” the band shared in a statement.

“Destitution” expresses our disgust with the attitudes of city, state and federal governments and with those who think people living on the street suffering from untreated opiate addiction and mental health issues are an inconvenience to be eradicated so as not to interfere with their pub crawls and Sunday brunches.”