Track Premiere: Young Acid – “The Crust”

Young Acid album cover

Today we introduce you to Young Acid, a new project featuring a bevy of talent from the Swedish heavy psych scene. Press play on the single below and you’ll hear the unmistakable voice of Greenleaf crooner Arvid Hällagård. If you’re a stoner rock sommelier, you can also detect the rich bass tone of Martin Wegeland (Domkraft). Despite assembling talent from the doom/psych scene, Young Acid isn’t a trip towards a predictable, familiar destination. Instead of going slow and low, “The Crust” is encased in punk-edged fuzz that subverts expectations. The result is a fired-up riff furnace played with sweltering energy.

“What happens when you combine members from Greenleaf, Domkraft, Grand Cadaver, Besvärjelsen and The Moth Gatherer?” they ask rhetorically. “Well… disappointment happens. Disappointed in the sense that it does not sound the way you think! Young Acid plays punk-infused rock with great storytelling influenced by a famous Swedish author.”

“But is it any good?” they continue. “Of course it is! At least if you ask some members of the band. Young Acid was formed around the motto: Nobody can ruin our day, ‘cause we’re probably going to ruin it ourselves! The polarizing debut album will be out early 2024 via Majestic Mountain Records.”

Bite into “The Crust” and taste the new Young Acid single below.


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