Video Premiere: Black Knife – “Evil Sex on Halloween”

Look, Lexington, KY blackened punk trio Black Knife aren’t ones to mess around with subtle innuendo in their lyrics, or music, or artwork or anything, really. So, no surprise, their new single, arriving shortly before All Hallows Eve, is titled “Evil Sex on Halloween.” Which begs the question: Is all sex on Halloween inherently evil, or is there a special kind of “evil sex” that maybe we’re not in the know about. So many questions . . . Well, don’t look for answers in the video we’re premiering because it is entirely safe for viewing while at work, which means it’s disappointingly free of any sex, evil or otherwise. There is however, a really creepy close-up of a bat, lots of blood, a full moon and the usual mood-setting Halloweenie visuals to accompany the thrashy and trashy high-octane anthem.

The track is taken from the trio’s—Hellwulv (guitar/vocals), Bast (bass), Thumbcutter (drums/vocals)—third full-length, Baby Eater Witch—which was recorded By Richard Brinegar and mixed and mastered by Jason Groves at Sneak Attack Studios. It’s set for release on vinyl, cassette, CD and digitally via Wise Blood Records October 30. Place your preorder here.

This is what Hellwulv had to say about Black Knife’s seasonally appropriate new single:

“It’s October 31, and lightning flashes in the sky! The veil between the worlds of the living and dead have worn thin. In a haunted castle two ghosts rip their way into the mortal plane—just to have sex in an open grave one last time! The onlooking demons applaud this sick display as the moon turns to blood and melts from the sky.”