Streaming: Supreme Conception Defy Death Metal with “The Post-Humanist Delusion”

From the Supreme Conception bio: “Supreme Conception was conceived back in 2006 as a one-time collaboration project of Michal Kusak (vocals, ex-Despise, Imperial Foeticide), Frank Serak (guitars and bass, ex-Garbage Disposal, Interval Bizzare) and Jiri Zajic (drums/programming, ex-Intervalle Bizzare). The trio came up with their own blend of technical brutal death metal in the vein of early Decrepit Birth, Suffocation or Hate Eternal. After the release of the Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance EP in 2009, the three members went on to pursue other musical ventures, most notably Heaving Earth. In 2019, Michal Kusak and Martin Meyer (guitars, Heaving Earth) revived Supreme Conception. With the help of Aaron Stechauner (drums, Interloper, ex-Rings of Saturn), new material was crafted in order to start the new chapter for the band. The change in the line-up has led them away from brutal death metal to a more contemporary version of technical death metal. That material, entitled Empires Of The Mind, was released as an EP in 2021 and put them back on the map.”

But you already knew all that because we previewed the band’s latest recording in this space back in August of 2021 here. The band is back with new material, namely the 12-minute single track EP entitled The Post-Humanist Delusion which, as one might imagine, takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride through moods, peaks, valleys, dynamics, instrumentation, styles and sub-genres. All of which you can check out and decode for yourself courtesy the stream we’re running of the track today. 

When asked to sum up the recently released 12-minutes of progressive, mind expanding tech-death metal, Michel Kusak had this to say: “Each of our records has a theme to it and those stem from thoughts and concepts that resonate with us at the time of their creation. While Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance approached the nature of humanity from a more philosophical perspective, Empires Of The Mind paid homage to the extraordinary genius and creativity of human intellect. Since then, a great deal has happened. And so our new track, ‘The Post-Humanist Delusion’ deals with changes that represent steps into the unknown — for us and the generations to come — in all their sprawling magnitude, as well as on a deeply personal level. It’s a soundtrack to our journey into an unprecedented world. There is no such a thing as fate. Only the choices that we make,” adding a quote from Elizabeth Kolbert’s Under a White Sky: “‘Neither optimism nor pessimism will alter the fact that we live in an extraordinary moment.’

The Post-Humanist Delusion is a great step forward for us. In this 12-minute long track we’ve pushed our limits and enriched our sound significantly. We are also extremely happy that the drums have this time been recorded by Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse) who did an amazing job. And the final mix and mastering has again been done by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy), giving the song a superb sound.”