Blast Worship: Atomck

Where they from?
United Kingdom. Since my article two weeks ago where I LAMBASTED Zach Wilson for being the worst NFL player in the history of the universe he has actually played pretty well. Heck, the Jets even won a game on Sunday. Did you know they could do that? I thought that was illegal or at least heavily frowned upon by our society.

Why the hype?
I need to get this out of the way before any further discussion: This band employs frog vocals. This is how I knew them after they released Every Room In Britain in 2017, as the weird grind band from the UK that employed FROG VOCALS. I even had the chance to see them at Balter Fest in Bristol over the Spring and asked their singer how he does those froggy noises and he gave me an exemplary “I don’t know.” There is definitely more to this band but honestly just skip to halfway through “Full of Sell” and take a moment to be utterly amazed by the animal noises.

Latest Release?
Towering Failures, self-released. The brits return, this time sans the frog vocals but with extra helpings of WEIRD MADNESS. This record reminds me of a much sillier version of beloved australian grind trio Agents of Abhorrence: disharmonic guitar chords, sloppy yet powerful drumming and helpful heapings of experimentation that would make John Zorn proud. But for the love of god, BRING BACK THE FROG VOCALS!