Track Premiere: Scab Hag – “Reanimated”

Scab Hag band photo

Back in 2021, Cincinnati’s Scab Hag conjured their first offering of disgusting bog-dwelling death metal. Pustulent Perversions turned heads as a down ‘n’ dirty EP embodying old school barbarity with a fresh edge. Now Scab Hag is back with another batch of homicidal hexes on their upcoming album, Wading Through Mephitic Filth. Today Decibel Magazine helps these underground necromancers raise the dead with their first single “Reanimated.”

This track is absolutely filthy. Mike Deurmier’s mic-corroding growls are rancid and soaked in reverb. The guitar tones from Evan Adams and Tony Strader are like raunchy belches of distortion. As part of the burgeoning Ohio death metal scene, Scab Hag proudly plays self-described “caveman shit” with conviction and lethality. But that doesn’t mean the songwriting is flat or predictable. Scab Hag just opts for primitive weaponry.  In under four minutes, “Reanimated” bashes brains with a variety of lumbering riffs. If you gave the new Tomb Mold a listen and thought it was too proggy or complex, this is for you. Wading Through Mephitic Filth crawls from the grave on October 31st.

“We’ve spent the last two years working on these tracks and staying true to ourselves and influences,” shares vocalist Mike Deurmier. “[Meanwhile], we continue to grow and change as a band and deliver more pummeling and brutal music. We’ll always have a love for the old shit and the new shit and we feel like we’ve encompassed that well.”

Get your ass in the mosh pit by way of the cesspool by pressing play below. “Reanimated” is also on all streaming platforms. Listen on your app of choice and pre-order this sick shit pronto.

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