Pre-Order VASTUM’s New LP, ‘Inward To Gethsemane,’ on Limited Edition Vinyl Now!

Ranking 20 Buck Spin alumni and Bay Area old-school nasties Vastum have returned with Inward To Gethsemane and Decibel has landed a mere 100 copies for you to lust over on murky Gray & Black Marbled Vinyl!

This highly limited and mercurialy mixed vinyl variant perfectly complements the unsettling sonic horror within. Set to release November 10, this atrocity of an album will make the perfect Winter soundtrack to the Earth’s inevitable decay and desolation.

Heed your repulsive arousal and pre-order your edition before we are devoid of copies—they’ll be officially purged before you know it!

NOTE: This is a pre-order due to be released on or around November 10, 2023. All details, including the release date, are subject to change.