Track Premiere: CH’AHOM – “Chavín de Huántar”

Hallucinatory prog-infested bestial black/death metal cohort Ch’ahom is set to burst into the metal consciousness with their dynamic tome on sonic wizardry in the form of their debut full-length album Knots of Abhorrence.

“Having started as far back as 2015 and existed for many years as a raw, bestial obscure war cult following in the steps of bands like Sadogoat, Blasphemy, Beherit and Proclamation, in recent times Ch’ahom has been undergoing an expansive metamorphosis of their sound and songwriting, now juxtaposing a crisp and dense production quality to their primeval terrorscape, that exalts new elements incorporated from early ’90s technical death metal in the vein of Timeghoul and Demilich, as well as from ’70s U.K. prog influences derived from the band’s peculiar interest in acts like Yes, Camel and Genesis,” representatives of the band shared ahead of the much-hyped release.

Decibel proudly premieres the dense, layered, and completely off-the-wall cut “Chavín de Huántar”.

“Ch’ahom’s long-running Mesoamerican concept about pre-columbian rituals and death cults has also conversely benefitted from this recent sonic transfiguration, with their staple tribal contaminations and ornamental interludes (written and performed by the members themselves with traditional instruments) now assuming a whole new presence against the backdrop of the album’s devastating scope and vision.

“Across its sprawling forty-plus minutes and five dismal tracks, Knots of Abhorrence unfolds a pure masterclass of rare violence, atmosphere, and intensity, carrying the listener across a gruesome wormhole and into another dimension of history’s past where violence, carnage, bloodshed, magic, and ritualism incarnate the sum of mankind’s biggest and most ancestral fears. Those lurking in our subconscious and within the hidden cracks of our ego have often transmuted into madness and ravaged and derailed human society, culture, and sanity and created some of the darkest and most chaotic eras of our history.”