Album Premiere: Destabalizer – ‘Violence Is The Answer!’

Photo Courtesy of Horror, Pain, Gore, Death

Destablizer are back with a new record, Violence Is the Answer, out September 22 via Horror, Pain, Gore, Death. You can stream the album in full right here:

These chaotic thrashers are punishing, straightforward, and a lot of fun. Hailing from Denmark, they throw back to the classics of the genre while still having a unique and refreshing sound.

The band initially formed in 2020, and this latest record is 10 tracks of Satan-worshiping thrash. The album features the imagery of artist Mario Lopez and more riffs than you can shake a stick at.

About the record, the band say:

“Our new album, Violence Is the Answer, is a work of pure passion for us. All tracks are our own, and we’ve engineered and produced it all ourselves.

“We set out to achieve our own take on the classic 80’s thrash sound, and we’re immensely satisfied with the outcome.

“Mike from HPGD has been amazing to work with, and the process of getting to where we are now couldn’t have gone any smoother!

So buy the album… or else!”

You can do just that and preorder the album here.