Pre-Order TOMB MOLD’s ‘The Enduring Spirit’ Vinyl on Decibel EXCLUSIVE Color RIGHT NOW!

After an excruciating four-year wait, acclaimed Canadian death metal mediums Tomb Mold have crept back from the woods with The Enduring Spirit and Decibel has landed 200 copies on Phantasmic Easter Yellow & Aqua Blue Merge Vinyl courtesy of 20 Buck Spin!

Recorded by Sean Pearson (Dream Unending) and mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Kommand, Gravesend, Power Trip) this doomed return-to-form(less) comes complete with a four-panel gatefold insert and a huge 36-inch x 24-inch poster, featuring art from Jesse Jacobi (Planetary Clairvoyance).

Avoid calamity, pre-order your copy before this variant becomes just a perfect memory!

NOTE: This is a pre-order due to be released on or around October 13, 2023. All details, including the release date, are subject to change.