EP Premiere: Broken Pillars – ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’

Broken Pillars
Photo courtesy of Broken Pillars

Iranian band Broken Pillars, who are part of digital black metal label Ardawahisht Kollektive, are sharing their Of Pillars and Primordial Myth EP exclusively with us.

“The name ‘broken pillars’ is inspired by the ancient ruins of Persepolis, one of the oldest sites of civilization, which was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire circa 500 BC,” the band explain. “Through the naming of the band, the duo is ambitious to represent both their heritage as well as the current identity chaos going on in Iran.

The band’s debut EP titled Of Pillars and Primordial Myth is narrated by ancient Persian deities imprisoned in some of the broken pillars in Perspolis. The deities are determined to wash away the darkness covering their realm to free the inheritors of the Persian empire and reclaim their ancestor’s glory.”

The Persian black metal band channel their classic, ancient culture through the sounds of methodic, ritualistic black metal on this latest EP.

Preorder the album here.