EP Premiere: Necronomicon Ex Mortis Mix Shredding Death Metal and Horror On Silver Bullet

If I were to inform you of a band out there describing themselves as a ‘combination of ‘80s shred with ‘90s riffs all wrapped up in a cheesy B-horror movie’ chances are you’d excitedly inquire as to who this band is, after which I could start taking over/under bets on how quickly said horror-metal nerd collective would become one of your new favourites. Hailing from Chicago, Necronomicon Ex Mortis are an unassuming quintet who sound like they spend as much of their time listening to Racer X, Yngwie, classic Megadeth, Arsis and Swedish death metal as they do tracking down the cinematic jewels found in the monthly ads mdvshop.com run in the magazine and obsessing over the “Mazey Day” episode of the latest season of Black Mirror. 

Formed by guitarist Michael Bala with the goal of attaching sound to his basement obsessions, the band issued their self-titled debut EP back in March and are back already with new material — though they say they have 69 completed songs in the holster, ready to be recorded — in the form of Silver Bullet, a stream of which we’re premiering below. While we’re not sure when in the 69-song timeline the four songs (well, three and an intro/segue) comprising this EP release were written, this newest recording is a more fleshed out rendering of the band, their capacities, capabilities and direction. When asked for insight on their latest work, they responded:  Silver Bullet further expands on the concepts we brought with the first EP. There are more shreds, more intricate ideas and more interesting influences being channeled into the music. This group of songs is tight, focused and nails that feeling of campy horror B-movie goodness.”

Experience the shred ’n’ camp  for yourself. Contact info and links below. 

And check out the comic book version of Silver Bullet‘s cover art: