Full Album Stream: DECOHERENCE Order

Decoherence, the enigmatic U.K. black metal innovators, release their haunting third full-length album, Order, this week. This mechanized odyssey draws listeners into a realm of absolute darkness and existential emptiness, exploring humanity’s insignificance within the vast expanse of reality. The album envisions a future where advanced technology bridges cosmic distances, forcing mankind to confront its own smallness before the yawning maw of oblivion.

Order is an intricate tapestry of influences, blending cold, synthetic, and experimental black metal with avant-garde dissonance reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord and Ulcerate. Darkspace’s cosmic bleakness and the industrial post-human aesthetics of Godflesh add to the unique atmosphere. Inspired by transformative bands from the past like Alchemist, Ved Buens Ende, and Killing Joke, Decoherence crafts a truly antihuman experience.

Each track on Order presents a nightmarish landscape, where humanity’s pursuit of knowledge pales in the face of the cosmos’ cruelty. Decoherence fearlessly pushes boundaries, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the black metal genre. This sonic expedition captivates, challenges, and leaves listeners marooned in a desolate and awe-inspiring void.

In a statement to Decibel, Decoherence says, “Thematically the record is about various theories of time, and how they affect, and doom, human existence. Sound-wise the album is still rooted in dissonant black and death metal but we kept experimenting with our post-punk, industrial and experimental influences.”

Listen to an exclusive stream of Order now and pre-order a copy of the album from Sentient Ruin Laboratories ahead of its release this Friday.