Track Premiere: Barbaros – “The Great Jester”

Prepare yourselves for a full on sonic onslaught. Barbaros is a brand new quintet composed of underground legends Irving Lopez (Cognizant, Trucido), Dan Ford (Commit Suicide, Vicious Blade), Erik Burke (Sulaco, Brutal Truth), and Lee Fisher (Commit Suicide, Fawn Limbs), which the band shared is “destined to produce an amalgamation of grindcore and death metal with an old-school attitude yet fresh and precise production.”

Decibel proudly premieres the band’s first single, “The Great Jester”, 83 seconds of pure frenzied brutality, which serves as “a taster for things to come later!”

Visit Barbaros on their official Facebook and stay tuned for much more from this blistering grindcore upstart.