Video Premiere: Terminalist – “The Crisis As Condition”

Looking for a new thrash metal jam? Do you wish said jam sort of sounded like Vader if they became a thrash band? Then you’re in luck with the latest ripper on display with the new video from Denmark’s Terminalist. The band is set to unleash their second album on the world on September 8 bearing the same name as the track below. The video itself is a straightforward affair, featuring the band pounding away as it rips, tears and rages through every riff, kick and growl.

Here’s what singer and guitarist Emil Hansen had to say about the song’s lyrics:

“Wherever we look, our modern world is entangled in crises. Whether it’s the energy crisis, the inflation crisis, the Covid-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine, deepening political polarization, or the overarching climate crisis, things seem to be headed for the worst. The crisis is no longer a phase in passing or a simple challenge to overcome, it’s become a permanent condition. On this song as well as on the upcoming album where this serves as the title track, this theme is explored and expanded further. The future is not what it used to be.”

Although I’d say this permanent state of crisis is always true somewhere in the world at any given time, I can definitely see why the band would feel this perspective particularly acutely in Europe. After all, the continent is seeing its first significant interstate conflict in several decades (depending on how you count the post-Yugoslav-breakup wars). So much for “the end of history.” Anyway, check out the song and video below. The Crisis As Condition comes out on September 8 on several formats via Indisciplinarian.