Track Premiere: Djinn-Ghül – “Ghola”

The dual-hemisphere industrial death metal duo Djinn-Ghül—one part Denver, CO, one part, Bolivar, Venezuelaare back with a brand-new assault, “Ghola,” from their upcoming third full-length, Opulence. The three-minute skull-splitter, offers cold, mechanized soundscapes juxtaposed with relentless DM pummeling and a multi-prong vocal attack—guttural, screechy, piggy squeal, the works.

All instrumental parts on the nine-tracks Opulence were written, performed and recorded by Denver-ite Grant Nachbur (Nephrectomy), while vocals, vocal recording, lyrics and audio production was handled by Venezuelan Junior Patiño (Voraraephilia). The album is set for release digitally via Vicious Instinct Records on July 14, and you can place your preorder here.

Here’s what the duo had to say about their new single:

“Referencing Frank Herbert’s Dune! Keeping with the album themes, this track is an ode to control and deception. Trojan horses are increasingly prevalent in modern society, used by elites and powerful entities to force the average person into submitting data, money, bodily integrity—you name it. Musically, we wanted to create something that sounded closer to the content on our debut, Wander Not, and this one felt like a good blend with what our recent content exudes.”