Five For Friday: June 2, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Check out this week’s new releases below. It’s a good week if you’re into really dark black metal and death metal. But there’s a math-core surprise hidden in the shadows as well, in case you’re in the mood for something different.

Corpsessed – Skeletal Grotesquery (Live)

A nice little bonus for those aching for more death-metal excellence from these guys. The vocals sound extra-savage in a live setting, and the rawness inherent to the recording gives the songs a special edge as well. I may even prefer this to the official studio recordings.

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Koningsor – Death Process

It’s a sound that never really goes out of style, the chaotic, angular, abrasive form of hardcore that emerged from the VFWs of the world 20 years ago. This band’s sound exhibits all the key features so well, you’d think Che hats and sweatbands were still in style.

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Order of Decay – Mortification Rites

As I said in my premiere of “Scent of Flesh”:

“There’s a lot of dark, cavernous death metal out there today. The system of caves and tunnels are seemingly endless, providing listeners with ever more ways to plumb the subterranean depths of brutality. Scotland’s Order of Decay occupies there own corner of this complex, and are ready to smash out to the surface with their debut album”

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Necrofier – Burning Shadows in the Southern Night

Mid-90s style Swedish black metal by way of Houston, Texas. Muscular rhythms propel grand and melancholy riffs; shrouded by the throaty vocal delivery that makes for a crushing and haunting mix.

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Thantifaxath – Hive Mind Narcosis

According to our resident avian:

“This is not your average black metal record. There are aspects of black, doom, thrash, death or psychedelia. First impressions (aside from the cavernous drums) are the “trucker microphone vocals.” Equally disgusting and somewhat intelligible, the voice here is simply sick. The guitars are very prevalent in the mix giving this an aggressive sound.”