Video Premiere: Being Productive During Those Wasted Years with Cavern Deep’s “Skeletal Wastes”

Forming a few scant months before the world shut down in 2020 has meant that the totality of Cavern Deep’s discography has been impacted by the confinement and desolation foisted upon humanity by COVID’s human eating charm. Then again, hailing from Umeå, Sweden as these lovers of doom metal, velour smoking jackets and image filters do, one would assume they are old pros at isolation and manifesting that element into their music, which in addition to velvety doom, also includes pasts and presents in a variety of death, black and melodic metal outfits.

Cavern Deep are on the cusp of issuing their second album, Part II – Breach (official release date is July 14th on Bonebag Records) which follows their 2021 self-titled debut. In celebration, and promotion, of this forthcoming achievement, we are premiering “Skeletal Wastes,” the latest video by the Candlemass, Pallbearer, Paradise Lost and prog loving trio. When asked for a bit of insight into the clip, the band offered this bit of elegant, arcane and mysterious prose in description: “Before it, an ancient war ground. It is vast and dreadful to behold. The last big battle of a dying civilization. The last gasping breath. The being makes its way through labyrinths of giant dead abominations and remnants of war machines since long put to sleep. Picking up pace. Slowly burning from inside with an ever-growing sense of meaning. It is the final solution. The retaliation of many. The faint glow in its veins extends to a cord. The hovering placenta is feeding it in a steady rhythm, preparing the being for its passing.” Note they made no mention of the colour yellow and the image filter they’re obviously obsessed with.

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