EP Premiere: To Descend – ‘Mindless Birth’

To Descend

Old-school death metal troopers To Descend are releasing a new EP, Mindless Birth, out June 2 via Horror Pain Gore Death, and we have the sneak peek. This is the band’s first release for Horror Pain Gore Death. The Swedish band features Jens Johansson of Mega Slaghter on vocals and Rogga Johansson of Ribspreader, Ghoulhouse, Paganizer… and countless other acts on guitar.

Mindless Birth is pure old-school fury and a treat for death metal enthusiasts everywhere. This short but sweet EP will leave you wanting more.

About the release, the band say, “To Descend are happy to release the new EP with HPGD; we think this will appeal to anyone into old-school, dirty, and primitive death metal. And with vocals delivered by the legend Jens Johansson of MegaSlaughter, there’s just no going wrong; the delivery is rotten to the core, to say the least. Be sure also to head over to HPGD to check out releases from Ghoulhouse and Ribspreader, both Rogga’s bands. Cheers, and stay sick!”

Preorder the album here.