Video Premiere: Beltfed Weapon – ‘Eternal Fire’

Beltfed Weapon - Eternal Fire graphic

Back at the turn of the century, guitarist Frank Hetzel formed Beltfed Weapon in the Seattle metro area. Along with a rotating cast of collaborators, Hetzel’s project fused west coast thrash with old school death metal. After 2009’s Peacekeeper EP, Beltfed Weapon started introducing more elements of ’80s speed and power metal with the band’s more extreme influences. New releases have never been prompt for the project; seven years withered since Hetzel released his last EP, Raining Plague. But the band shattered that silence with two new songs in 2022. Now Beltfed Weapon share the third single from their upcoming Darkened Demise EP as the release date creeps closer. This is your chance to watch the lyric video for “Eternal Fire,” streaming exclusively now at Decibel Magazine.

“Eternal Fire” ignites with some dizzying guitarwork and prominent bass from Exhorder’s Jason Viebrooks. The thrashing rhythms pair with the powerful vocals from Tim Aymar (Pharaoh, Control Denied), whose voice soars on after his passing in February. The song receives two jolts of shredding adrenaline from guest soloists Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy) and Kragen Lum (Heathen). With blazing fretwork and a stylistic departure from the Darkened Demise title track, it’s a glimpse into the EP’s eclectic metallic majesty.

“”Eternal Fire” is about two souls whose hearts are on fire for each other with love, passion and pure ecstasy,” shares Frank Hetzel. “[They are] bonded by a raging inferno that is forever ignited, rising up from hell into the heaven that they create for themselves. Surrounded by bad lost selfish souls condemned to their hell to dwell for eternity and burn forever as they have chosen their demise.”

Join Beltfed Weapon in the flames and play “Eternal Fire” below.

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Beltfed Weapon guitarist Frank Hetzel
Beltfed Weapon guitarist Frank Hetzel