Full Album Stream: Come to Grief – “Killed By Life”

Sludge crushers Come to Grief formed out of the ashes of the legendary Grief, picking up where the influential band started. Though they formed in 2014, it took Come to Grief a few years to release any studio output and almost 10 years for their first proper album, When the World Dies. 

Because EPs, splits and demos are cumbersome, Come to Grief made it easy for us all and compiled it into Killed By Life, a definitive document of their output prior to the first album. Killed By Life includes the music from The Worst of Times and Pray for the End EPs, plus Come to Grief’s side of their split with Fistula.

“This is a collection of our early recordings,” explains drummer Chuck Colon. “Killed By Life is the path on the way to our first full-length, When the World Dies, paved with songs of depression, betrayal, insanity, and hopelessness.”

Listen to Killed By Life below. You can order physical copies via Translation Loss.