Video Premiere: Microwaves – “Regular Magic”

Need a little something to clear the cobwebs? How about some audio-visual “smelling salts,” so to speak, courtesy of Pittsburgh noise/math maniacs Microwaves. The outfit’s brand new video for “Regular Magic” (from 2022’s Three One G LP Discomfiture Atlas) will definitely tweak some synapses with its jumpy, fast-cut images of  weird substances (powders? gels? slime?) and the occasional human appendage playing with said glop. The music is perfectly frantic and terse—with guitar skree that goes from discordant to destructive, and an unforgivingly precise drum battery. It’s a glorious 1:41 of disharmony and mayhem. Kind of like if Devo were meth heads.

Discomfiture Atlas was released on October 22 and features the talents of founding members John Roman (drums/vocals) and David Kuzy (guitar/vocals) who are joined by bassist/vocalist Adam MacGregor for half the tracks and founding bassist/vocalist Steve Moore on the other half. The album is available to be ordered from Three One G here.

Here are John Roman’s thoughts on the track:

“This is the sound of Microwaves merging the scientific and the supernatural with the intent to enhance one’s DNA as they listen. We’re not responsible for what might happen if played backwards, so please be careful.”