Full Album Stream: VADIAT – Spear of Creation

Cleveland’s Vadiat is loaded with talent who have cut their teeth in death metal for over thirty years. Formed in 2019, Vadiat imbues doom-drenched death metal in the vein of Amorphis and Incantation. The band itself is comprised of current and former members of bands like death/thrash pioneers, Terror, as well as Blood of Christ, Ringworm, and more. They initially made themselves known in 2019 with an EP entitled, Darkness Proceeds. After a few years, their debut full-length album, Spear of Creation, deepens the unique vein in the members’ collective résumé.

Helmed by Brian Sekula (guitar/vocals) and Joe Twardzik (drums), Vadiat’s ten-song salvo sways between near-gothic melodies and pummeling death metal riffing. Sekula and Twardzik are rounded out by Matt Sorg (guitars) and Ed Stephens (bass). Their deathly pedigree is on full display in moments like “Shadows Divine” and the title track as well as a personal favorite in “Father Impaled.” The album closes on a stellar cover of Trouble’s “Pray For The Dead.”

In a statement to Decibel Magazine about the processes behind Spear of Creation, Sekula says, “From writing all these years I understand my limitations and I stay within them; I’m not trying to write so extreme that it’s not comfortable. I try to be more organic and let things flow naturally from whatever I’m hearing in my head. I’ve always been a fan of atmospheric music with harmonies and this band is the outlet to express that. I try to make music people will remember and I appreciate songs that have staying power, so that is the aim.”

He continues, “The songs that make up Spear of Creation are an accumulation of older material with a mix of recent songs. Our vision for Vadiat is pretty consistent… to me chemistry is everything. When you have the luxury of writing with someone whose vision is musically aligned with yours, it makes it fun. We’re certainly not in it for money or fame, that ship has way sailed, if it was ever even there in the first place. For us, it’s all about the music and camaraderie.”

Twardzik adds, “Vadiat are not concerned with fads or trends. We’ve been listening to heavy metal for over 40 years and we just make music to the best of our ability for those who enjoy heavy music.”

Listen to an exclusive stream of Vadiat’s debut full-length album now. Pick up a copy of the album from Redefining Darkness Records ahead of the album’s release this Friday.