Terminal Nation Premiere Video for Decibel Flexi Series Tracks “Concrete Hell” / “A Pound of Flesh or a Gallon of Blood”

Little Rock big guns Terminal Nation recently delivered the 150th entry in the Decibel Flexi Series. And both Decibel and the band couldn’t be happier to share the one-two punch of death metal/hardcore that is “Concrete Hell” and “A Pound of Flesh or a Gallon of Blood.” So much so that, in fact, Terminal Nation shot a video for this new flexi EP that we can proudly reveal today. But first, frontman Stan Liszewski provides some context behind these two new bangers.

“This release takes a little bit of the Terminal Nation that people have come to expect, and amalgamates it with some sonic elements that people haven’t seen us channel before, then we douse it in an overarching theme of class struggle from two separate perspectives and I think that makes this the perfect median between last year’s split with Kruelty and next year’s sophomore LP,” Liszewski explains. “The tracks form a singular EP that touches on the issues of urban poverty by means of neocolonialism and indoctrination through the idolization of imperialism — two issues cut from the same bloodsoaked cloth.”

Watch the video below and then head off to the dB store where we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the Terminal Nation flexi available.