Track Premiere: Saturnus – “Chasing Ghosts”

For three decades, Danish metal stalwarts Saturnus have enveloped the globe with bitter swaths of melancholic and atmospheric death-soaked doom. Their output may have waned in recent years, though their punch and ability to walk the jagged edge between the calm and the chaotic, the beautiful and the desolate has only sharpened. Never has this been more evident than through their 11-minute epic “Chasing Ghosts,” the latest single from their first album in over a decade, The Storm Within.

“Chasing Ghosts” sees the band at the height of their prowess, a firm punctuation and signal to the heavens that the band, in all their vigor and rage, is most certainly back.

“We spend so much time chasing things that end up being the completely opposite of what we need or end up just slipping through our fingers,” the band tells Decibel. “This can drag us down as if it was some kind of atonement to be settled and at the same time choked by the fear of failure. However when it all comes to pass it’s as if the effort and the time invested have been for nothing, yet it lingers and haunts us like a spirit. Even when awareness is found within the darkest solace, inner demons and dilemmas remain the same. Emotionally, this anthem is loaded with soaring melodies and bitter passages, capable of dooming anyone’s heart.”

Channeling the fury of the Norse winds and waves that mirror our own innermost pain, The Storm Within is Saturnus at their most potent, having enlisted the aid of maestro producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian) for yet another jewel in their glowing discography.

The Storm Within is available worldwide June 16 through Prophecy Productions. Pre-order here.