For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Jesus Piece and Sunrot

What’s up? It’s your old boy Waldo to inform you about some new and upcoming releases, good, bad or otherwise. Remember, I’m not an elitist, you just have terrible taste.

Hardcore whatever Jesus Piece is hitting us with their first LP on Century Media, …So Unknown. Let me start by saying if you haven’t heard them, they are metallic hardcore, or mosh core, or hardcore punk. The truth is, they are kinda all of the aforementioned and more. Vocalist Aaron Heard claims, “anything from brutal old-school death metal to straight up punk and hardcore” as influences. This birdbrain doesn’t hear all of that, but that’s not saying it’s there. There has been a lot of great hardcore lately from End It to Candy, but Jesus Piece seems to rise to the top, that’s not saying the other bands aren’t good, they are, but Jesus Piece really stands out. Plenty of mosh riffs abound, to muted chords all screamed through a throat shredding vocal style. Get ready to swing your fists in the pit. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Want some pure unadulterated sludge? New Jersey’s Sunrot with The Unfailing Rope will not disappoint. Bassist Ross Bradley says: The Unfailing Rope is a document of grief and hope to reflect our current moment.  This record was created while we first hand experienced our city come to a reckoning with its people.“ This record seemed cursed at the beginning, recorded no less than three times before this version seemed to resonate with the band. Vocalist Lex Santiago had a psychotic breakdown between the first and second recordings and was hospitalized. This record must be sort of cathartic to finally see the light of day. Monolithic sludge coupled with guttural screams makes this record seem therapeutic. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Waldo Out?