Full Album Stream: Unpure – “Prophecies Ablaze”

Sweden’s Unpure have been around for a long time, forming in 1991 and putting out four full-length albums. Stylistically, think of them as a thrash-infused version of Svartsyn, especially 2004’s excellent World Collapse. But the band went quiet since then, a silence they intend to cease now with Prophecies Ablaze, due out on Friday via Invictus Productions and The Ajna Offensive.

According to founding-member and bassist, Kolgrim:

As life and the world around us reaches for its own destruction and apocalypse, we found the time being perfect to record and release a new Unpure album as a fitting soundtrack to this demise. Eight collected pieces written between 1993 and 2019 that marches in unison to the present world’s collapse. A storyline of war, hate, conspiracies, demons, burning knowledge and black might leading to our fall and the return of vile king of darkness. Join us and see the world and Prophecies Ablaze.

While I don’t really share the sentiment, it definitely makes for an excellent muse for blistering metal!

Stream the full album below.