Full EP Stream: And Darkness And Decay – “Orgasm of Golgotha”

Are you into members of Goatwhore, Necrofier and Night Cobra teaming up to perform total Celtic Frost worship on their three-song demo tape? Well, And Darkness And Decay have that in spades on Orgasm of Golgotha, the band’s opening salvo that rips and rolls like a band possessed by the spirit of Tom G. Warrior.

As bassist and vocalist Trevi Biles explains, things came together pretty easily over the pandemic when his main project wasn’t able to tour and was stuck in a holding pattern.

“Covid shut everything down so Night Cobra was basically put on hiatus for a bit so I had a lot of time at home alone,” he explains. “My true passion is really heavy shit so I started writing a lot of heavy riffs. I sent them to my brother Sammy Duet, who, like me, is old, ornery and worships at the altar of Celtic Frost, and he added some riffs, guitars and programmed drums and we came up with some shit that was pretty good, ‘From Gallows They Swing’ and ‘Storms of Wrath.’

“Then I went and did the same with my brother from Venomous Maximus and Night Cobra, Christian Larson, and we came up with ‘Scarlet Horror.’  The project’s name, And Darkness And Decay, comes from the last line of Poe’s ‘The Masque of the Red Death,’ a story about the fall of man due to his arrogance and cowardice, and this theme inspires most of my lyrics.”

Orgasm of Golgotha is officially out tomorrow but you can listen to it now.