Video Premiere: MORDIAN Pays Tribute to Bathory’s “Ring of Gold”

Mordian photo

I have shared and premiered music for Decibel magazine for around eight years. I can count the number of track or music video premieres that did not feature heavy guitars on one hand. Today Chicago-based singer and composer Mordian joins that short list. Mordian’s metal cred is well established as vocalist of symphonic shredders Shield of Wings and DiAmorte. But as part of her gothic folk solo project she now pays honorable homage to Bathory’s viking ballad “Ring of Gold” with a stunning music video.

Directed by James Gregor, the video is a lush rumination on tortuous time away from a loved one. Gregor packs the video with vibrant autumnal color and edits the video with a pensive pace. Mordian establishes a bittersweet atmosphere with clean guitars and naturalistic avian calls. But it’s her voice that drives the song with a tale of aching hearts and vast distances apart. Mordian’s vocal range emerges most impressively during chorus harmonies that are rich and emotive. It’s a tasteful tribute to Quorthon’s memory that will bring you peace and power.

“The music of Bathory, especially the Nordland albums, has had quite an influence on me in my life,” Mordian shares. “I wished to pay respect to that influence and memory with a cover of what would have to be my favorite Bathory song. “Ring of Gold” made its impact on me from the moment I heard the opening guitars. I was enchanted not only by where the music brought me but the beauty and simplicity of the story told through the journey of song. I hope my rendition can bring you to a similar realm, some place afar, where high adventures await thee.”

Transport yourself to a time before gods and man by pressing play.

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