Video Premiere: Besra – “Dwell In Gloom”

Finnish post-metal band Besra are debuting a new take on their previously released song “Dwell In Gloom.” Details about the new record are yet to be released, but who cares when this live-in-the-studio version of the track from their Anhedonia LP rips this hard?

Besra released their debut, Anhedonia, in 2018. Of course, COVID-19 interrupted their plans to release a second album after that—until now. Before the release of their upcoming second album, they recorded “Dwell In Gloom” live at Rødhouse Studio in Turku, Finland. Directed and shot by filmmaker Atte Heinonen, recorded and mixed by the band’s vocalist Hannes Hietarinta, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna, this live moment in time showcases the band’s past, present, and future. In addition to two new tracks debuted at this performance, the band presents a jaw-dropping new arrangement of “Dwell In Gloom.”

“As someone who works for the event industry, I’ve witnessed the anxiety of the Corona years up close,” says vocalist Hannes Hietarinta. “During a time when live performances were out of the question, we had to think of other ways to keep the fire burning and improve ourselves as artists. Focusing on the studio environment and how we sounded there felt like a logical shelter. As a result, we managed to create ourselves a new sound, over 60 minutes of recorded music–and this live piece recorded in the studio.”

Presave a full stream of the live performance here.