Full EP Stream: Bred for Slaughter – “Here You’re Born… Here You Die”

Here You’re Born… Here You Die is the kind of classic old-school death metal that you’re basically guaranteed to like if you read Decibel. Frontman by Mortuous guitarist/vocalist Mike Beams, the Bay Area outfit specialize in a death/grind variant with hints of black metal, because variety is the spice of death.

Bred for Slaughter rip through six tracks on Here You’re Born, hitting the listener with a meaty combination of riff-laden death metal and lo-fi production that goes a long way toward making the EP feel authentic.

“Bred for Slaughter’s first release, Here You’re Born… Here You Die is aimed at being raw and capturing the feel of a live band,” the band tells Decibel. “Old-school, tried-and-true death metal with some grind and black metal woven into cohesive, memorable, headbangable songs. Each song having unique and distinguishable riffs and hooks that capture and pay homage to the influences of the band. This demo is an attack of classic dark, fast shredding, low grinding and growling blast beats and groovy hooks that will stay with the listener from beginning to end.”

Check it out below; the EP is out Friday, March 17 via Horror Pain Gore Death.