Album Premiere: Bastard Grave – ‘Vortex of Disgust’

Bastard Grave band photo

Back in 2012, Swedish death metal maniacs Bastard Grave crawled from the casket in Helsingborg. They began with a perfectly titled demo (Unmarked Grave) and established themselves with their crusty Swedeath revival sound. Now a little over a decade into their killing spree, Bastard Grave unite with one of the nastiest labels in the underground (Singapore sadists Pulverised Records). Today Decibel Magazine cracks open the coffin a few days early to bring you Bastard Grave’s malignant third album, Vortex of Disgust.

The opening dissonance of “Sunder the Earth” sets a grim mood. From there Bastard Grave sprint and stomp through blood puddles with old school malice. But it’s not all crust and cranium-crushing riffs. “Necrotic Ecstasy” concludes with some sinister atmospherics that lead into the ominous intro of “Consumed and Forgotten.” The slithering riffs of “Nameless Horror” eventually explode into the album’s catchiest and gnarliest groove. Later, the haunting piano of “Hunger to Devour” is the closest you get to any sanctuary within this record.

Outside of the drums, Vortex of Disgust was recorded directly by Bastard Grave. The album was then mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson, giving the guitars an extra diseased bite. The title track is the record’s final death blow, ending with a massive-sounding statement of violent intent.

Venture into the Vortex of Disgust and press play below before the album’s March 10th release.

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