Video Premiere: Kill Me – “Bloodsluts”

Let’s just say that with a mere 2:23 to work with, Seattle sludge noiseniks Kill Me manage to pack their latest video for “Bloodsluts” with the kind of imagery that’d make Beavis and Butt-Head pitch tents. There’s little opportunity for “story development” here, so the duo—Travis Zar (guitar/vocals) and Mike Guerette (drums/vocals)—just throw zombies, religious iconography, churches, blood, eyeballs, snakes and, somewhere in the purple haze, obscured performance footage. It’s a good fit for a song that seamlessly switches between low-chug grunge/sludge and surf-inspired fuzz guitar runs, with demented vocals running amok across it all.

“Bloodsluts” is the first single from Kill Me’s second album, simply titled Kill Me, which was recorded early in the new year. The album was mixed/mastered at Titan Recording Studio by Scot Michael and produced by Scot Michael/Travis Zar and is set for release on June 15. In the meantime, you can get a digital download of “Bloodsluts” here.

This is what Zar had to say about the track:

“This song started as a means to figure out how to stop overanalyzing everything to the point of creative paralysis. This was the first track that me and Mike did together from the ground up and it really changed the way we operate. It’s about overcoming these tendencies for perfectionism that can be rooted in different traumatic experiences in our past—like religious influence, neglect, critical opinions, abuse, etc.  Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is stop fucking thinking and just make something that sounds cool to you.”