Blast Worship: Dude Love

Where they from?
Los Angeles, California. So the Eagles lost the Super Bowl last weekend, most likely because I bet on them. I fell asleep in my west Philly apartment to the sound of sad fireworks, because this is America and we celebrate every occasion, even disappointment, by blowing shit the fuck up.

Why the hype?
Isaac from Sulphuric Cautery and a bunch of other insane projects has moved into the fast track for becoming one of the greatest grind drummers of all time. I didn’t even need to look up the members of this band to know he was playing on this, the insane speed and otherworldly ping of the snare totally gave it away. But even among his most cacophonous discography, Dude Love stands out as perhaps the most chaotic, spastic and abrasive. I’m pretty sure ten10seconds of this would kill anyone over the age of 75.

Latest Release?
Demo 2023, out on Blast Addict. After some quick research, I realized that Dude Love is one of the wrestling characters played by WWE superstar Mick Foley. I honestly never got too into wrestling; if I want my fill of scripted sporting events I’ll just watch NFL football or a presidential debate. SAD FIREWORKS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.