Track Premiere: Grand Cadaver – “Serrated Jaws”

Grand cadaver band photo by Richard Bloom
Grand Cadaver (photo by Richard Bloom)

It has been a quick, violent ascent for Swedeath gravemakers Grand Cadaver. After releasing their first two singles in 2020, their debut EP Madness Comes arrived a year later. With two members of Dark Tranquility among the ranks, their sound channels Stockholm’s crusty death ‘n’ roll far than Gothenburg’s more elegant touch. Mix in some hardcore and Bolt Thrower riffage and you get the tough-as-nails mayhem of their Into the Maw of Death full-length. Now Grand Cadaver is back with a new single, streaming early courtesy of Majestic Mountain Records.

“Serrated Jaws” commences with a mid-paced groove and vocalist Mikael Stanne’s growl. But there’s also a melodic component that’s new to their winning formula. Their sound is even more apocalyptic with this single; it feels like the crescendo of plagues before doomsday. It reveals a band that welcomes transformation without losing their sound’s inherent bite.

“Rejoice! This here is the first nasty stench from our upcoming album,” Grand Cadaver says in a prepared statement. “”Serrated Jaws” has this deliberate, mechanical and oppressive quality to it. We feel that this deeper plunge into darkness is just what you need now in order to get a glimpse into the wicked sounds of our new album. Go for the jugular – go for the kill!”

Press play below and let Grand Cadaver take a big chomp out of your day.

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